About Paul Pennington


Paul Pennington is the founder of Rock Climbing Central. He started this website because of his passion for climbing.


Before I started climbing I was a regular participant in martial arts – specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA. After receiving a neck injury in a tournament, I realised I could no longer partake in martial arts to the extent that I wished. It was at this point I realised I had to find another sport.

In 2015, my then osteopath and now one of my friends, Dan, invited me along to a bouldering session in Leeds. He’d been bouldering for about 2 months and seemed to enjoy it and I’d done a bit of climbing before when I was a kid but I wasn’t too sure how it would affect my neck.

I was a bit cautious for the first half an hour or so on my first session, but really enjoyed it overall. I went back again about a week later with him. Then another week I was there. Eventually I had the bug. I was going on my own without Dan, trying to get ahead of him in skill. It was the competitor in me and the enjoyment of the climb that kept me going.

Eventually I was better than Dan, which made me look at other types of climbing. My first venture was outdoor bouldering. After my first outdoor session I understood why so many climbers picked up their crash pads whenever the weather was good enough for it. There’s something so peaceful about climbing within nature while the birds are chirping and the world’s just passing you by.

Once I’d realised my love for climbing, I had to tell the world about my new-found knowledge and experiences. So I thought what better way to do that than with a website dedicated to the sport I love so much? I know I’m not an amazing climber, but I try my best every time I’m in the gym or on a rock face and gain new experiences every time I do.

I also have a son, Fred, and a fiancé, Kaylah who owns her own small bakery business called Occasional Treats.


  • 6 years experience in climbing
  • Consistent bouldering grade: V5
  • Best indoor boulder grade: V7
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt