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Rock Climbing Central is looking for guest post writers that are interested in topics related to climbing.

Guest Post Rules / T&Cs

Last Updated 24/06/2022

  • Are you working on behalf of someone?
  • What site is this back linking to?
  • 1200+ words per article
  • Propose a topic related to climbing with all subheadings. If the ones you’ve picked aren’t suitable, you may receive a suggestion
  • There will be an Author Bio in the post
  • No backlinks throughout the article. You will receive 1 backlink in the Author Bio of the post (or where deem fit)
  • Follow up data or claims with references
  • All articles WILL be edited and optimised for SEO the way deem fit
  • Content must be detailed and unique – plagiarism will be checked
  • We are picky at Rock Climbing Central – make sure the content is HIGH quality
  • Send examples of content you’ve written in the past
  • Once the content you’ve written is on the site, it belongs to the owner of and if duplicated, the content will be at risk of copyright
  • Not all emails will be replied to or accepted – sorry!
  • A fee will be required

What We’re Looking for in Writers

You DON’T have to a be a professional writer, but you will be required to use correct English spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from, just make sure your English is fluent.

However, with Rock Climbing Central being a climbing website, you WILL need a fair amount of climbing knowledge. Being an expert isn’t necessary, however explaining topics relating to climbing should be comfortable for you without confusing different terminologies.

If you’ve written for a blog before then having that experience is a definite plus. However, if you haven’t got the correct writing style or knowledge that we need for the website then we won’t require your services.

How to Apply

Send an email to with the subject “Guest Post”. Make sure all of the rules above are met before applying.

We will only be contacting applicants who we want to follow-up with for the next step of the application process, so we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a response. Either way, thank you for applying to write for us and good luck on your future endeavors!